Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 3: Elbow Grease Creates Top 4 Good Stories

There was plenty to chew on this week with good stories that dug deep. Thank you to the reporters whose sheer tenacity produced stories that literally helped shed new light on important topics. Given the amount of vivid and varied details in this week's top four stories, each must have taken tons of time to report, verify, and confirm to get them right so we could draw our own conclusions. That in itself is worth appreciating, and taking some time to to read each slowly:

1. For a fascinating look behind the scenes of prize winning (literally) investigative reporting, "Covering 'Tainted Justice' and Winning a Pulitzer," NPR—Fresh Air, May 3

2. For reporting a different voice in a red hot debate, "Residents defend Arizona after immigration law," the L.A. Times, May 5

3. For surprisingly charming and dogged reporting/writing of the story behind one of my favorite New York emblems, the blue coffee cup: "Leslie Buck, Designer of Iconic Coffee Cup, Dies at 87", New York Times,  April 29

4. For hard hitting research, perspective, and context on a growing—pun intended—concern: "Beating Obesity" The Atlantic, May 2010


  1. It's so hard to accept that things like #1 go on in our world. And that is why journalism is a scary profession, because you never know what kind of consequences those people might mete out for your snooping!

  2. I love stories with local interest like #3. I brought one of those blue coffee cups home from my last NY visit!