Monday, September 3, 2012

Today's Civil Rights Issue

I've long been concerned about the language used around immigration issues today. Media and citizens alike toss around terms that too often hijack principles and criminalize neighbors.

So when I came across a group of young immigrant college students recently, I knew their story needed telling. I hope it invites more opportunities for conversation:

September 3, 2012

For immigrant students, college is a step closer

Yonerky Santana has been busy lately. Like most college students, Keky, as her friends call her, is preparing for a new semester of classes, juggling limited finances with family and social life as she prepares for what she hopes will be a career in health services.
But Santana is also one of eight student leaders in the North Shore chapter of the Student Immigrant Movement who are helping other immigrant students take what they see as an important step: applying for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy that went into effect Aug. 15. 

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  1. I recommend you to watch 9500 Liberty. The rhetoric about immigrant laws and issues is so full of tension and anger that having peaceful conversations seem impossible. But hey... "times are a' changing..."