Friday, April 12, 2013

Justice, Mental Health and Following

Ah, the writing life. Working on stories for different publications means, well, you're working. Reporting, interviewing, writing, editing, it's all part of the process of telling the story. Which can mean, of course, neglecting to post those stories on your blog once you're sent them on to the editors and they've tweaked and published them.

So just to keep semi-current, here's a recent sampling of a few of the articles I've written lately:

Coverage for the Salem News of the Salem award ceremony of two men long committed to justice.

A story for New England Psychologist on the new congressional bill proposing funding for mental health first aid.

An article on following vs. leading for Duke's Faith and Leadership online magazine.

What's next? Biking and birding on Boston's North Shore for North Shore Magazine! Who knew so many cyclists were also avid bird-watchers?!

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