Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stirring the Creative Juices

Some wise soul probably said once that distance from routine can aid the creative process. I agree. And am realizing that simple things—like a change of scenery or  a different room in your house—can help your writing. So I'm on a couch now in Denver, having just come back from a walk in a park with big glorious trees waving under the Colorado sun. Last month I was in two places Downunder, as my last post shows. Next week, back in Massachusetts.

All are good for getting the juices flowing, for observing new characters and thinking about fresh details. Each is a link to an idea and a story, and each conversation with fellow travelers feeds the process.

Reckon that's what couches are for. Or trees to walk past. Or beaches to stare at. So bon voyage and bon appetite—both really do nurture the road to inspiration, if we'll dare to slow down and pay attention.

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