Monday, January 27, 2014

Super Bowl Crankiness

I love sports. But this big one is getting to me. Here's what I mean:

Millions of Americans will gather in their living rooms this coming Sunday to watch grown men hammer each other so hard they get concussions that can lead to brain damage or dementia or lots of other long term health problems.

While the game plays out, pimps will sell their sex slaves during the highest trafficking event in the year. (God help us.)

In between those thumping tackles, sometimes exciting touchdowns and who knows what else, advertisers will have spent $4 million per commercial to entertain the masses, commercials that are often filled with damaging sexist messages that also feed the country's consumerism addiction. As fans watch, they cram into their mouths more junk food, sugar and beer than their doctor probably advises and which surely doesn't help already dangerous obesity rates. The good news is that the championship game does shed light on domestic violence incidents.

Sounds like a super tradition. Forgive my grumpiness.

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